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R.Coin Whitelist
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Our Core

What is R.Coin Asia (RCA)?

R.Coin Asia (RCA) is powered by existing retail digital platform, a Intelligence and Technology Assistant (R.I.T.A). RITA borne from a combination of Mobility Applications, Big Data & Artificial Intelligence aim to help retailers by providing them digital tools to advertise engage and retain customers.

RCA is aimed to be an universal payment and reward coin for retails and services such as restaurant, convenient store, ride-hailing apps and more. RITA aim to benefit customers by becoming their virtual assistance to give them the best deals, VIP experiences and even recommending product and activities based on the user’s profile through artificial intelligence

Quarterly pay out bonuses

To all R.Coin holders RITA offers quarterly commissions bonus payment within the ecosystem of 7% net sakes to all R.Coin owners.

Demand of the Token

The demand of R.Coin is driven by the growth of the platform, network effects and is correlated to growth of platform.

Asia Based Token

R.Coin is issued by an Asian based company

R.Coin Utility Token

R.Coin is ERC20-compliant. The token will be listed on some exchangers. R.Coin will be accessible to people who didn’t get them during the Token Sale.

Multiple Uses and Benefits for R.Coin

While we are helping start-ups to raise the funds, we care about investors whose investments’ protection we wish to guarantee to the maximum extent.

R.Coin stimulate participants loyalty and allow us to align everyone’s incentive around a single aim: an universal payment and reward coin for retails and community that benefits together. With the token, our goal is to create a networks effects.

Our Goal

Opportunities worldwide

Key advantages of new retail solution that is driving its massive potential is that the technology that is widely accessible as the smartphones users increases and it puts less pressure on both retailers and customers. The seamless process gives no headaches and solves most of the customer and retailer’s problem. All they have to do is open the application select what sounds best to them and do transaction through the application

Token structure

Distibution of Tokens

R.Coin is a platform for the future of funding that is built on top of the system of incentives, reward and usability to drive the network effects in RITA’s platform. It accelerates growth of the companies by offering futuristic tools and services that save both time and resources.

Our clients – both corporate and private ones – will access all the services they need from a single platform. Blockchain technology gives us the chance to make your finances grow faster and give better returns. Also, we believe that once payments are utilising coins, the process to drive the coin movement can be modelled using smart contracts.

  • 53% Token Holder
  • 15% Team (3 years locked)
  • 16% Early Investors
  • 7% Advisors
  • 5% Legal Counsel
  • 4% Strategic Partnership & Mergers


Use of Fund Distribution
Business Development 59%
Technology & Logistic 24%
Research & Development 10%
Marketing & Public Relation 7%
Crowdfund Details

RITA Team will lock their coins for 3 years

As further show transparency and long term commitment, RITA Team, Founders will lock its coins for 3 years. Due to the growing trend of ICOs  that seem to have only been a tool for the founders to put some more cash in their pockets, we have decided that is crucial gesture of serious commitment to the project.

Sale Ends

May 9, 2018, 23:59:59 UTC


How it all Started

Incorporation with fireworks solutions
Begin commercialisation Fireworks New Retail Expanded to Thailand
Formation of Fireworks Cambodia Operating in 5 countries Expanding to Vietnam, Philippines, Australia
1st version of RITA will be completed which is enhance version of Fireworks new retail with AI & Big Data
Rebranding and change of management Beginning of Fireworks New Retail
Expanded to Myanmar and Cambodia Production team relocated in Malaysia
R.Coin introduce to existing merchant to allow consumers to purchase R.Coin
Expansion to global market
Sale bonuses

Discount Rates

1st June


14th June


28th June


12th July


28st July


10th Aug



Unsold tokens from previous rounds will be moved into the next round. The token sale will automatically go to the next round when tokens are sold out in the prior round.

Token Sale

How to Buy Our Tokens

Start: June 1, 2018, Friday, 11:00 AM (GMT)
Hard cap: New Countries 24
Soft cap: New Countries 3
Token: R.Coin
Exchange rate: 1 ETH = 300 R.Coin

Payment Methods

R.Coin Contract Address

The following address is for the R.Coin contract. It is NOT a deposit address. Do NOT send tokens to it. To deposit, use the Deposit form in the Coinsale platform.

Our Best Asset

Team Member

Yanzer Lee

CEO – Founder


Yanzer Lee is the Founder & CEO of Fireworks Solutions International. Through his leadership, Fireworks provides solutions globally and having its branches in Malaysia, Singapore, Thailand,Cambodia and Myanmar. With more than 20 years of industry experience, he had personally directed more than 1000 digital innovations.

Kayel Lee

Co-Founder, Director of International Business


Kayel Lee is the Founder of MooCommerce. It is specialises in support system for multi-channel online retailers (E-commerce store, Amazon, eBay, By.com Rakuten, Mataharimall.com, Lazada, 11Street, Elevania & etc.) With plenty of experience in his field, he is able to provide not only the technical skills, but, most importantly, technical leadership and guidance.

Michael Lee

Co-Founder, Director of Merchant Trade


Michael Lee has many years of experience on related field. Prior joining RITA, Michael founded the Amsie Group in the 70’s which have few hundred salesman around SEA. Also, Miracle International – One of the few largest MLM Company in Thailand.


Jeffrey Soh

Co-Founder, Director of R.Coin Relations


Owner and founder of Conceptual Events in Malaysia since 1999 and Conceptual Events in Thailand since 2007. It is the TOP CLASS SERVICES in the region as Event Management, Event Planning and Organising for various local and international organisation.

Albert Thureign Lee

Co-Founder, Director


Albert is the founder of Megalink Advanced Techonology Co. Ltd. (Myanmar), also the Co-Founder of Fireworks Myanmar. He is the someone that with a strategic mind and market facing responsibilities that able to bring onto the table which able to kickstart RITA’s progress.